About Plastik

Plastik is a real creative collective 
of imagery and thought, 
and whatever the Fu*k we want. 
And that's what makes Plastik such a fantastic publication. 
Well that, 
and the fact that a plastic tan never fades*
Just ask Barbie, 
that bitch has everything!
And if anything,
we are always learning that there is always something new under the sun, 
with every issue we put together. 
And with every issue that comes out 
we understand more and more 
that Plastik is a state of mind. 
It is the mind in a state of perpetual beauty, void of vanity. 
It is the tendencies, and glamour of fashion, 
minus the icons and designer names. 
It is that lost trail of thoughts between 
the artist and the artwork, 
the camera lens and the light, 
the writer and the muse. 
But we lied to you when we said 
that Plastik is a fantastic publication. 

Clearly it is beyond*